Paper documents and records are other ways that COVID-19 potentially can spread. Mettler-Toledo and Fascile ( propose that eliminating paper tickets used for job tracking in the trucking and construction industries also can slow disease spread while at the same time increasing efficiency.
Don Gattis, CEO of Fascile, said that COVID-19 has accelerated developments in blockchain technology that allows for contactless, paperless transactions. “COVID-19 expedited the digital payments and blockchain technology that is revolution-izing the way business is done,” Gattis said. “Cash, checks, tickets, invoices, and other papers involved in the current system are quickly being replaced with contactless, secure digital transactions. Fascile is a leader in providing these services worldwide.”

Fascile’s technology integrates with the Mettler-Toledo scale, the largest weigh station in the world, and its Databridge application — allowing for seamless and contactless digital transactions and recordkeeping. Fascile also has payment flexibility, accepting payments via PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, direct deposits, or cryptocurrencies.

All records are maintained on a blockchain, and each company’s transaction information is sent instantly, eliminating the need for paperwork. This cloud-based solution requires no hardware, infrastructure, development, or support, meaning companies can be up and running with Fascile quickly and can benefit from improved accounting and payment processes.

Fascile is implementing its solutions with projects around the world, including the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel project and Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion Project. The company is also preparing to offer technologies that utilize 3-D printing, cloud computing, loT, and more.

Gattis, Griffin and Jagannath all emphasized that positive change lies within this pandemic, providing all industries an opportunity to improve processes and systems. “Throughout history, innovation has always overcome the challenges that face us,” Gattis said. “I would advise all companies, large and small, that if they work together and treat everyone with respect and kindness, they can bring the technology of the future to the present”

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